"his Story"

This is a demo for a story driven 2,56D platformer. In the game the player explores a vast cave filled with mysterious lights, leading the main character ever deeper. The protagonist is an old man in search for something he doesn't quite remember.

This game was made as the final delivery in a game design course at NTNU, Norway, by Alexander Jonassen and Christer Rebni.

We recommend downloading it for a more smooth experience.

Update: Bug fixes. Fixed jump-lag.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tagsdim, Exploration, Low-poly, norway, scandinavia
Average sessionA few minutes


HisStory_demo_v1.1.1.zip 23 MB


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I just found the game again, and 2 problems have revealed themselves.

A: most jumps are prematurely aborted by the game.

B: at least one bulb is missing. (that or there is no safety check for trying to activate a lamp other than the next one in the chain, resulting in a bulb being used on the lamp without activating it)

Blocking terrain in front does not always become invisible. For example first hidden bulb is really hidden until you fall into hole.


Jumps reach only 50% of height required to reach first plateau . (suspect improper lag-handling)

Developer here: We agree completely on all the ussues you have mentioned. We have now updated the demo, and hopefully fixed all the worst bugs. Thank you so much for your feedback! Sorry for the late reply.

I've tried it again with little success but a quick check of the JS-console shows a repeating nullReferenceError, that may be what's screwing things up.


occurs every frame

controls have become superlaggy. unplayable.

Needs a return to checkpoint key/button due to glitches that put the character in situations that allow neither progress nor ' death' (other than a full restart).